Desktop Support

Don't wait until you have a problem before you consider Desktop Support

Almost all businesses now rely on a wide range of IT functions, from simple emails to company servers.

Here at Selvatico we aim to keep your business running at smoothly, and when things do go wrong, get you back up and running with minimum disruption.

Pay As You Go Support

With this option there is no monthly contract, you simply pay by the hour for our services. We have a minimum charge of one hour, typically we will make a site visit to assess and remedy the problem.

Monthly Support Contract

The monthly contract covers all of your PCs, networks and standard office software.
We will provide both remote and on-site support, the remote support allows Selvatico to respond very quickly to your issues. There is no call out charge, you simply pay a fixed monthly fee.
We can even include support for your mobile phones on the contract.

How we can help....


All computers need care and attention to run keep them running at their best.

We can assist at all stages, choosing the right PC, installation, configuration, troubleshooting and upgrades.

The advice we give in impartial and based on what is best for you.


Information is key to every business, and your network is the motorway that carries your data.

Your network delivers your emails, Internet, document and videos.

Horizon IT can help design and build your network to be fast and reliable.


Your data is most probably worth more than the PCs it is stored upon.
Backups should be taken, frequently and automatically.

As a rule you should have at least three copies of your data.

  • Your primary copy
  • Backups on a separate disk or computer
  • Backups at a different location.

We have a saying at Horizon IT
"No one every got sacked for having too many backups"

Let us show you how your data should be saved.

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